Sunday, July 17, 2016

Blendspace for One-Stop Learning!

This past semester I had a unique group of students in Spanish 1. I knew I had to change some of my teaching and up my game in several areas. It was hard work, and exhausting at times, but I truly grew as a teacher--and am thankful for the experience.

One of the new procedures I implemented was Blendspace. Blendspace allows you to take different digital resources and put them together on one easy-to-navigate page with large thumbnails. Share the one link with students and you are done.

For Spanish, I used it as a review and practice center. One set might include:

  • Quizlet
  • Vocabulary Printable (via Google Docs)
  • YouTube resource
  • Practice Printable
  • Textbook website resource link
  • Audio resource
  • Video activity on (the soon to be extinct) Zaption
The students loved that everything was accessible on one page, and Blendspace is visually easy to navigate. 

My only shortfall when it comes to Blendspace is that it I wish it had an app for iPads or smartphones. Many of my students use phones for school work and although the site works on phones, etc., it is a little clunky. An app that integrated with other apps such as YouTube, Google Docs, etc. would be out-of-this-world!

I do plan to continue using Blendspace next year. How do you use Blendspace? Comment with some tips! Thanks!


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