Monday, November 23, 2015

iPad Apps for Elementary Coding

The Hour of Code is Coming! I help facilitate the Hour of Code event at my school, and have been researching iPad apps for teachers to use for their students. More and more "coding" apps are appearing in the app store.

I love coding apps because they make students think, reason and problem solve. Obviously it is a big jump from playing a coding game to creating an app or a website, but the thinking process is the same.

Here is a list of a few I have tried--linked to iTunes. Some of these require no reading at all, and some get quite challenging for older elementary students. (And all of these are FREE!)

Early Elementary (no reading)
The Foos (all ages)

Middle elementary (limited reading)
The Foos (all ages)

Upper elementary 
The Foos (all ages)

Code.org has fun tutorials for use on a computer, Last year Frozen and Flappy Code were very popular. New this year is a Minecraft tutorial and Star Wars! You can choose any of the activities here.

Are there any apps that you've used that aren't on my list? Comment below!