Thursday, August 27, 2015

Easy Voice Assessment Portfolio

I have written before about ways for students to create voice recordings for assessments. The three methods I mention in this post are still my favorites and are practical for every type of device/technology/capability.

Vocaroo is web-based, all tablets and smart phones have free recording apps, and Google Voice is great for a low-tech way, using a regular phone.

All of these methods give you various ways to share or "turn in" the recording to the teacher. In this post I'll talk about how students can save or organize their recordings into a portfolio.

The first method I'd recommend, and the easiest, is Google Drive. If your school already uses Google Apps for Education, students (and you!) have Google accounts. Google Drive can work like a "flash drive in the sky", as one of my co-workers routinely says.

Once students create their recording with Vocaroo or a personal device, they download the sound file (such as an MP3 or WMA file) and then upload that to their drive. This can most likely be done right on the device. Once uploaded, this file can be shared as any other Google Drive file. Students can store all of their recordings in one folder in Drive.

If you wanted to get a bit fancier, students could use a blog format. I'd recommend Blogger or the very user-friendly Weebly. Each post can include an intro or possibly the topic/assignment and the recording. The teacher could assess the blogs periodically to listen to the recordings.

An audio portfolio for foreign language classes is a great way for students to see growth over time!

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