Friday, May 8, 2015

Common Sense Media's Digital Bytes

Internet Safety. Digital Literacy. Online Ethics. Such heavy topics, but so important in today's world. As a technology teacher, I have often struggled with incorporating these lessons in an engaging, relevant way.

This semester with my sophomore class, I have been using Common Sense Media's Digital Bytes for some of my lessons. These are mini-units dealing with some of the major topics teens encounter while living online. Topics such as Internet Hoaxes, Copy and Paste Culture, and Haters and Trolls, seem to connect with students. All of the units have current, relevant videos that engage students. Check out the Copy and Paste Culture's Disney mash-up below. This sure got students thinking!

I don't always do the included activities as written, but I do find that having students complete a reflective project at the end of the mini-units is worthwhile, plus they are utilizing new tools and apps to create the projects...a win-win.

There is also a Facilitator's Guide for the Digital Bytes. I encourage you to check them out! What do you use for your Internet Safety/Digital Literacy lessons? Tell me below!