Thursday, March 26, 2015

End of Quarter Reflection

I have a new class this semester called Digital Literacy 2, with sophomores. Digital Literacy is the term my school uses for all skills digital--productivity, safety, ethics, etc. Since it is new, a few ideas have been experimental and many of the skills and assignments are new to the students. Two of the skills we have incorporated are blogging and creating a podcast.

Most of the teachers at my school try to incorporate reading in many ways. Computer classes already typically have a lot of technical reading...but I also assign a book report-type assignment, and this quarter, that was a podcast. Students chose from a list of books that had technology in them in some way. These ranged from The Hunger Games series, to computer geek novels, to sci-fi thrillers. After they read the book, they completed a podcast script and recording. The podcasts turned out great and the students, although not always crazy about hearing their own voices, enjoyed the project.

The other major skill is creating and maintaining a blog. Each student has their own and it functions like a journal. I give students a technology article, current event, video, etc., and some question prompts. They then compose a short writing based on the topic. Nearly all students have commented on how they enjoy blogging and sharing their thoughts on screen. I enjoy reading them as well! Besides learning about the topics themselves, the students are also practicing writing.

Next quarter will include blogging, another podcast, and much more. I am excited to see what Quarter 3 brings for both my students and me!

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