Friday, February 13, 2015

Día de San Valentín

Valentine's Day with ninth graders. Is there anything more festive, more exciting, more annoying? I am fortunate to have an excellent group of freshmen in my Spanish 1 class and we had fun celebrating today.

For Valentine's Day I typically do low-tech activities. We make cards with Spanish phrases, and students get really creative even though they have only been in Spanish about a month. One of my students made a lovely valentine for his girlfriend, who is not in Spanish class, and later in study hall she painstakingly translated it using Google...then asked me for the real meaning, since the Google version didn't make any sense. It was fun and a great Google lesson besides. I love seeing students having fun with the language.

Finally, sometimes I talk about piropos. Students get a kick out of the funny phrases. I found some on the site 1000 Piropos Románticos, and there are lots more. Be sure to filter first for your students. This is where technology plays a role. I am not a native speaker so how would I have access to piropos? Before the internet, culture like this would be challenging or even impossible. We have all kinds of resources at our disposal to make our classes more engaging.

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