Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A New Chromebook in My Family

A sucker for all things technology, I've wanted to get my hands on a Chromebook since they first arrived. However, owning several devices already made it difficult to justify buying one more just because. I kept hoping and waiting and on CyberMonday last November, I spied a Chromebook with a deep discount and snatched it up.

I was completely amazed at this slim, streamlined device. I quickly added my teacher Google account and everything was there. I set up a second "personal" account as well. I was easily able to create accounts for my children, adding or blocking websites as needed. I love how they can do school work or play web games and I don't have to worry they might accidentally share my Facebook status or delete tax files.

I have been making myself use my Chromebook for as much as possible, to learn more and find out what it can and can't do. The truth is, it can do a lot. Of course you need to be connected to the internet for most tasks, and you can't download programs such as Microsoft Office or PhotoShop, but the Chrome Web Store is populated with apps and tools to help you be productive and so much of what we do as teachers or families is in a browser already. My Chromebook came complete with all the ports you'd expect from a full size PC: SD, HDMI, USB and of course audio.

Not long after my purchase I noted this article online at EdTech Magazine that said Chromebooks are now the best-selling K-12 device. I was surprised, since my school--among many--has been stockpiling iPads over the last few years. With a price point of around $200, this technology is within for more schools. I am curious to see where Chromebooks go in the next 5-10 years. I am certainly impressed with mine!

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