Thursday, November 6, 2014


A colleague asked me for advice recently. He had asked students to make videos for a project and those videos were now scattered among personal devices. "How can I have students turn these in to me efficiently?" This is a question many teachers have when trying to incorporate more technology-based projects. These were not high school students, so creating their own video-hosting sites wasn't really an option. My first thought was DROPitTOme.

I have used DROPitTOme for a couple of years now. To begin, you must have a Dropbox account. Even if you use something else for cloud storage, in my opinion, creating a Dropbox account just for this is worth it.

Then register for DROPitTOme and link the accounts. DROPitTOme allows for uploads of up to 75 MB. Students simply go to a URL for your DROPitTOme account, type in a password that you've given them, and upload their assignments. (I have put this link on my teacher webpage for easy access.)

Files are collected in a DROPitTOme folder in your Dropbox, so they are easy to find and grouped together. In my personal experience, DROPitTOme has also worked fine from phones and tablets.

Both Dropbox and DROPitTOme are excellent tools for productivity in the classroom!

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