Monday, November 3, 2014

Blogging 102

Last year I wrote a post called Blogging 101, in which I recalled how I got started with blogging. I still struggle sometimes, coming up with ideas or just taking the time to translate my classroom experiences to my blog. Over all though, blogging has helped me with my teaching and is very reflective. I have even had peers, students (and occasionally me!) refer to my blog for tools or ideas.

Recently I had one of those "YES!" moments when I got something to work the way I wanted. I discovered AddToAny and its code for adding sharing buttons to any blog. I had struggled in the past with this feature and today I was able to get things the way I had always envisioned them! I know some of you experienced bloggers are chuckling right now.

I consider myself fairly techie but sometimes the nuts and bolts (like HTML code) get the best of me. I rely on help from others to do the best I can. This experience reminded me of how helpful educators are and, in my opinion, especially those who work in educational technology. My PLN is always ready to share ideas and offer aid. Thank you!

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