Friday, April 4, 2014

Remind 101 Adds Support for Attachments

I love Remind 101. I like to think I was early to the party on this one--I have been using it for a couple of years. I wrote about the basics in an earlier blog post. I am excited to see that Remind 101 has just added support for attaching files to the text you send, so students could be sent an assignment, a graphic, or a snapshot of the day's notes.

Unlike a traditional texted photo, the attachment does come as a link, so students would need a smartphone to access it, but this also makes it possible to send whole documents if desired. If your students don't have smartphones, you can still send text messages in the traditional way.

I really like the Remind 101 feature that allows you to schedule your message for a later date and/or time. Right now it is Friday afternoon and I am planning for the week ahead. I can schedule a message now (while I am thinking about it!), to remind my students Sunday afternoon about Monday's tasks. I also like that I have a record of what I sent and at what time. It really makes communicating with students so much easier.

The Remind 101 iPhone app is easy to use as well, so I can even send my students a message if I am out and about and not near my computer.

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