Saturday, September 28, 2013

Flash Drive Lesson from a 6th Grader

I know many of us use the cloud for storage. Flash drives are so early 21st century. But I teach 6th graders in the fall and they have their first real computer class with me. They come in with shiny, new, way-too-much-storage-than-they-need flash drives and want to use them. I don't think it is a completely obsolete skill to have in one's arsenal, as we have all had that temporary glitch in our internet service, or at least everyone has in my world of only DSL and the occasional 3G.

So, I teach students how to save to and retrieve from their flash drives. This falls into the skill of navigating drives and folders and it is all good. How, though do you tell a youngster with limited technology skills, "Look for something called 'Removable Disk' or possibly the name of the company who made it, or...well, let me see your choices."

I learned actually from a student that flash drives can be renamed. When visible in the computer window, just right-click and rename. WOW. Who knew? The saving and retrieving lesson quickly turned into a renaming a file or folder lesson, and students all named their flash drives. This made the whole lesson easier and much more personal.

Here is an image of mine.

Thanks to my 6th grader for the help. I will definitely use this bit of knowledge in the future!