Thursday, June 27, 2013

Graphite For Finding the Right Digital Tool

Graphite is a website for educators to find apps, tools, websites and games for use in the classroom. The website features several ways to search and filter, and each tool is reviewed. Some of the tools have ideas for lesson plans as well.

The website is still in beta but is packed with apps, websites and games to help in the classroom, reviewed by educators who have used them. It is a great place to browse for ideas or to find feedback on a specific app you might want to use. 

Several months ago I received an email because I was a subscriber of Common Sense Media. I use some of their Digital Literacy materials in my classroom. They were looking for teacher reviewers for a new website they were creating. I applied for the role and was selected as one of 50 "Expert Educator Reviewers". I, along with the other reviewers, contributed to populating the Graphite website so that when it went live, there would be solid reviews, by teachers who use the tools. Now, any educator can sign up and leave reviews. I am excited to be a part of something new in education. Please check out Graphite and see what you can find!