Friday, April 12, 2013

Video Creation with a Webcam

In a previous post, Video Creation PD, I talk about professional development I helped facilitate during which teachers made videos. In my Digital Media class my students have been creating videos as well. I showed some simple yet fun stop-animation videos here. I recently had the students create another video with tools of their choice: a video camera, smartphone, etc., and then edit them using the free program Windows MovieMaker. One student surprised me and created an awesome video using only her laptop's webcam as the camera. She had literally procrastinated until the night before, and used that topic as her inspiration. I thought it was creative and well-edited besides! She gave me permission to share it.

Even if we don't have the desired tools or resources, anything is possible. Digital tools have changed the way students can express themselves and complete a task or project. Remember as a teacher to be open minded about how students complete projects. Choice and flexibility are as important now as they ever have been. As long as students fulfill the goals of the project and are learning, should it matter what the final product is?

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