Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Twitter for Professional Development

My professional development changed after I created a Twitter account and started following educational bloggers and leaders. I love reading the resources that are shared by the people and organizations I follow. (I also get a lot of my news from Twitter!) I have found so many good educational articles, resources, tools, tips, and positive thoughts from the people I follow on Twitter.

There are also chats you can be a part of. There are several educational threads (#edchat, #edtech, #spedchat) and a Foreign Language thread (#langchat) that I drop in on from time to time. An alphabetical list of hashtags can be found here.

Here are some tweeters that share lots of educational resources and tech tools.


One of the accounts listed above, @web20classroom by Steven W. Anderson, has a detailed Twitter "how-to" that can be found here. There are three parts to this Twitter series--be sure to check them out!

@edudemic has a visual how-to guide here, with a neat infographic.

As I said above, I use Twitter mostly professionally, so when I tweet, I send out resources, articles or blog posts and I don't tweet personal information. All of your tweets are public by default, so if that concerns you, I suggest reading up on public versus protected tweets.

If you'd like to follow me, I can be found @maragust. Happy tweeting!

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