Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Options for Video Hosting

I have written a few posts about videos and YouTube already. See them here: Screencast Tools, Video Creation PD, Embedding YouTube videos,

Many teachers are confused as to where to put, and how to share a video. The general rule at our school revolves around tying up and slowing down the main server for everyone else. If a student is going to watch the video mostly at home, hosting the video on YouTube or another online service is the easiest way. If a student is going to watch the video in class, or if multiple students will be watching the video around the same time, we are encouraged to host it in locally on our Moodle server. I have had 20 students simultaneously watch a video I've uploaded to Moodle without a problem. That would never be possible here with a video on YouTube.

Our school has Google Apps for Education, so each student and teacher already has the ability to create a YouTube channel within his or her account. This is the easiest way for teachers and students to share videos. YouTube and all that comes with it is not always the best for everyone, though and YouTube is blocked at some schools.

Wistia is an easy video sharing site. The free account allows you 3 videos and 5 GB. This is not a lot but is an easy way for people to get started.

Edmodo is a free online management system that allows teachers and students to communicate, collaborate and share in a secure, Facebook-like environment. There is currently no limit as to the amount of videos you upload.

TeacherTube is a free education-based video site. There is currently no limit as to the amount of videos you upload.

All of these tools are easy to use. You might want to check with your school's technology director to see what is most feasible for your school's technology capabilities.

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