Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Collecting Student Work Electronically

One of my ongoing quests as a teacher is to reduce the amount of paper coming into my classroom. This is not just a convenience for me, but a life skill to for students. Think about how often you work with documents in your personal life--bank statements, applications, letters, cards, bills, even check blanks. Has this changed for you in the last 10 years? It certainly has for me!

I loathe paper so much that I even try to design tasks that can be submitted electronically ...versus paper-pencil.

Here are my favorite ways to collect work electronically.

  1. Moodle is a free course management system. It does have to be installed on your school's server so it isn't a task for individual teachers. We have Moodle at my school and it is easy to collect, keep track of and even score work right inside the site. It is convenient because all of the teachers here use Moodle so there is some consistency for students. Edmodo and Schoology are other examples of learning management systems.
  2. Dropbox and DROPitTOme work together to allow students to upload work to a folder. You must first create a Dropbox account and then add the Drop-it-to-Me feature. Both are free and easy. Students enter a password and upload a document, which goes to your Dropbox folder until you need it. I really like this tool because everything goes to the same place until I need it. DROPitTOme allows for larger files that may not easily be emailed. Here is what it looks like to one of my students. They simply type in the password you've set up and then upload.

  3. Email may be archaic to some, but it is easy. I create folders in my email program (we use Outlook) and store students' work there. It keeps the emails organized and declutters my inbox.
The next time you have your students create a PowerPoint or a word processed document, try one of these options for collecting work. 

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