Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chrome Extension for Emailing a Web Page

This post developed out of necessity...or at least out of want. I was reading an educational article on my laptop and I wanted to share the article via email. I normally would copy the URL, paste it in an email and send it off. It occurred to me that if I were using Safari on my iPad, I'd just touch the share button next to the URL, my email would pop up and I would send it off. Did it have to be more difficult on my laptop?

On an iPad

I jumped over to the Chrome Web Store and it took me just seconds to locate and install an email extension. Now I have a button to quickly share articles via email, added to several other extensions I already had. If you have a work and home computer, you can sync your Chrome account and your tools will be in both places, along with your bookmarks.

In Chrome with the extension installed.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of tools in the Chrome Web Store, and may of them are educational. You might want to check them out! One blog I follow, Web App Reviews, reviews them one at a time and is worth a visit as well.

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