Sunday, March 24, 2013

Video Creation PD

Last Friday at the school I teach in, we had a professional development day. One of the topics was video making. This came about from the idea of a "flipped" classroom, but there are so many reasons teachers should be exposed to video creation. My co-worker and fellow geekie teacher, Monique, and I were in charge of assisting teachers as they plowed through what was for many of them, uncharted territory.

What are some reasons to make a video?
 As a teacher:
 As a student
  • Create lesson presentations in the style of a “flipped classroom”
  • Record presentations for absent students, or general review
  • Create support materials for student who need a bit extra
  • Anytime visual aids are needed
  • Parent information/communication
  • Documenting/viewing student behaviors
  • Self-evaluation
  • Peer-evaluation
  • Publicity/Public Relation
  • Skits/Plays/Drama
  • Speeches
  • Demonstrations
  • Peer viewing, critiquing
  • Publishing, digital storytelling
  • Student-created content/lessons
  • Recording speaking or reading and listening to themselves

(and this is just a partial list!)

What device(s) do I need to make a video

This has something that, thankfully, has gotten so much easier in the last few years. ANYONE can make a video!
  • Digital video camera
  • Flip-style video camera
  • Tablet camera (iPad, iPod, Android tablet. etc.)
  • iPad whiteboard app such as Educreations and ShowMe or ScreenChomp (all are free)
  • Computer webcam
  • Interactive white board screen recorder
  • Smartphone
  • Screencast tool (see below)

Screencasts are videos specifically of content on your computer screen. Good free tools for this are
*A screen cast made during a PowerPoint presentation or similar program makes a quick, easy video.

Once you have created a video, depending on what kind of tool you used, options for access are

If you are a teacher, you might want to talk to your tech coordinator and/or integrationist on the best option for you and your students. 

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