Thursday, March 21, 2013

Student Blogging 101

After I caught the blogging bug, I decided to try to spread it on to my students. Blogging is a great tool for reflective writing, expressing thoughts and opinions, and general creativity. Turning high school students loose on the internet with creative thoughts was a little scary to me, however. Luckily, Blogger has settings to control who can see your blog.

I had my students create their blogs inside their school-issued Google accounts. They also edited the following settings for privacy, and invited class members only to be able to view by entering their email addresses in the readers section. Students responded to the email invitation to be able to see the blog.

We use our blogs for reflection on assignments, projects, news topics related to technology, etc. I have been pleasantly surprised at how thoughtful their posts are. Students who are quiet in the classroom sometimes explode with thoughts when given the chance to share them online. Students enjoy taking ownership of their blogs by choosing colors, layouts, and of course naming the blog. Ideas for blogging in the classroom are limited only by your imagination!

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